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Barrango Topiary grab your attention immediately. With their graceful elegance, our topiaries appear as living pieces of art creating a stunning display at any location. Each are hand crafted and sculpted in house by our artisans into trees, geometric shapes or animal shapes.

Custom topiary will enhance a location or venue any time of year. Their clipped green leaves and warm white LED lights are appropriate for all seasons. Display a collection of topiary trees, shapes or animals to create a beautiful garden for your customers. We can produce traditional looking trees, spiral shaped trees, topiary balls or a combination of shapes. Make it more whimsical and fill your display exclusively with animals including deer, rabbits, birds, elephants, even giraffes. During the holidays you can add our colorful ornaments or festive decor for a Christmas theme.

Compliment your look with other topiary pieces. Our designers can produce topiary arch ways, gazebos or other structures. Or pair your holiday display with our similarly styled Sierra Pine Christmas trees, garlands and wreaths.

Our topiaries will look lush and green all year long regardless if they’re displayed inside or outside. Most come installed in decorative terra­cotta non­breakable flower pots. And since they never need to be watered our products are always drought friendly.

Barrango also offers Giant Topiary Trees and Animals. Our craftsmen will create virtually any animal ­ swans, bears, horses and many others up to 9ft in height. They make for a grand statement piece at the entrance to your location or really anywhere indoors or outdoors. If you’re looking for a giant sized topiary tree we would suggest the Giant Canadian Pine Christmas Tree which has a similar feel.

All pieces are made in the USA right here in our factory. We’re excited about the many topiaries we have available but if you do not find what you’re looking for in our catalog please call to discuss.

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Now operated by the fourth generation of Barrangos and over 100 years of experience in the industry, we continue to produce the finest quality custom seasonal decor programs available. Supported by a dedicated team of designers, artists, crafts people and engineers, Barrango is ready for the ever-changing trends and challenges of the future.

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