Barrango Greenery – 100% Made in the USA!

Our greenery is known for it’s quality and durability. It’s lush feel and rich color make every piece look realistic and natural. Our artisans watch over every detail in the making of our greenery inside the Barrango Factory. Machinery designed exclusively for Barrango allows us to create individual sprigs from raw materials. Sprigs are then formed into their final design including garlands, wreaths, topiary or part of a magnificent Christmas tree. We work hard to maintain the quality of each piece so that the last piece of greenery created in a day is as full and durable as the first.

Barrango Greenery is the image of Christmas. When your customers see our fully decorated trees, wreaths and sprays they are immediately filled with the warmth of the holiday season. Our decor in your location evokes peace and beauty during an otherwise demanding time.

Once you’ve selected your greenery choices make sure to look through the decor area of our catalog. We have an amazing array of ornaments, props and other decor to add to your display. Barrango decor comes in a variety of themes in case you’re looking for more of a classic holiday feel or more of a fantasy, whimsical esthetic.

We have greenery to cover you the rest of the seasons as well. Our topiary trees and animals are wonderful inside or outside your location. Picture a row of topiary circus animals or trees to greet your customers at the entrance to your venue. You can illuminate any of our topiaries with warm white LED lighting or other customized decor to compliment each piece. Topiaries can evolve into holiday decor with added decoration too!

We are proud to let you know that all of our Barrango greenery is made in the USA.

Take a look at the many greenery selections we offer but if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, just let us know. Our goal is to bring your vision to life!

8' Tall Home Style Tree

Christmas Trees

Christmas Wreaths for Grand Avenue South San Francisco


Barrango decorated wreath with garland


Mountain Pine Spray


Topiary trees geometry shapes and animals


145' Tall Christmas tree in Guatemala City

Giant Christmas Trees