Manzanita Super Novas at the Venetian, Las Vegas

Manzanita Super Novas

Manzanita Super Novas – These hand crafted 3D Super Nova Bursts add radiance to any display.  The alternating vertical arms can act as a light channel for a dazzling starburst effect.  Super Nova Bursts are perfect for use on top of a Light Show tree.  Warm white LED mini lights are included.  We can include lighting animation for an additional $1600 or have your burst spin slowly with the addition of a ceiling mounted motor for and additional $800. Available in multiple colors.

giant red manzanita super nova star burst
4′ Diameter – 844801
  • 6 arms
  • 75 LBS hang weight
  • LED lights included
  • White paint  $1230
  • Other paint  $1540
giant warm white manzanita super nova star burst
6′ Diameter – 847201
  • 8 arms
  • 100 LBS hang weight
  • LED lights included
  • White paint  $1845
  • Other paint  $2305
giant blue manzanita super nova star burst
8′ Diameter – 849601
  • 10 arms
  • 200 LBS hang weight
  • LED lights included
  • White paint  $2460
  • Other paint  $3075
Manzanita Supernova with Red LED lights
10′ Diameter – 841201
  • 12 arms
  • 250 LBS hang weight
  • LED lights included
  • White paint  $3690
  • Other paint  $4620
White Manzanita Super Nova with Blue LED lights
12′ Diameter – 841441
  • 14 arms
  • 300 LBS hang weight
  • LED lights included
  • White paint  $4725
  • Other paint  $5925
manzanita super nova burst used as tree topper
Use the Manzanita Super Nova as a fabulous Light Show Tree Topper!
Add Light Show Controller and Programming
  • $1840
Add Motorized Ceiling Mount for slow spinning
  • $920

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