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The carousel remains in our hearts and minds as an everlasting image of all things fanciful.  Carousels or individual pieces of carousel art are available.  Whether you desire a complete machine, replicas of 19th century animals or the production of your own design, Barrango has the talent and ability to meet your needs!

Let Barrango bring imagination to life with an elegant and magical eye catching carousel for your business.  Our carousels are entirely built at our facility in South San Francisco and can be shipped all over the world! Each design is available with a variety of options to fit any location or budget.

We offer three different size carousels:
– 30’ in diameter with two figures side by side in each row
– 38’ in diameter with three figures side by side in each row
– 50’ in diameter with four figures side by side in each row

Barrango carousels contain all of the artistry and detail you expect. We have carefully cast molds from the finest original carousel designs with authentic detail including cornices, horses, menagerie-style animals and scenery panels. Renowned carousel carvers such as Dentzel, Looff, Carmel and Illions are all represented in our collection.

We can customize your carousel to your vision even aligning with your brand by incorporating specific landmarks, scenes or figures.  We have sculptors, mold makers and artists on staff to custom design virtually anything – from animals to cartoon characters – for your carousel.

Barrango has created and installed the beautiful Spanish themed carousel at Irvine Spectrum in Irvine, CA.  We’ve designed and built custom carousels including the vibrant and enchanting Wizard of Oz themed carousel originally created for Universal Studios Osaka, Japan, a colorfully animated Looney Tunes carousel originally located at the Warner Bros. Theme Park in Dusseldorf, Germany, a stunning vintage style carousel at Tokyo Dome City and even a beautiful classic carousel for the Sultan of Brunei.

Please contact us to discuss your project and let us create what will certainly be an iconic and talked about feature for your business or brand.

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About Barrango
Now operated by the fourth generation of Barrangos and over 100 years of experience in the industry, we continue to produce the finest quality custom seasonal decor programs available. Supported by a dedicated team of designers, artists, crafts people and engineers, Barrango is ready for the ever-changing trends and challenges of the future.

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