Bravern Mall in Seattle Giant ball ornament stacks
Tropicana driveway Las vegas Nevada giant red ball ornament
Macys New York Harold Square ball ornaments
giant multi color glitter ball ornament stack
giant ball ornament stack with hooks
Macys New York Harold Square ball ornaments

Glitter Ball Ornaments

Glitter Ball Ornaments – Classic Christmas ball ornaments are made into larger than life décor and the ideal compliment to your display. You have many color choices and finishes for your ornaments. The glitter finish is inside the resin – not applied as a top coat – which makes it perfect for outside displays.  You can even brand your ornament with a custom logo applied to the surface for an additional cost.  Each come standard with silver glittered decorative caps, Gold glitter caps are also available upon request.  Your ornament also comes with a base for ground floor displays or ask us to include a bracket built inside the ball for hanging applications.

Brilliant Red Glitter Ball ornament

Red Glitter

Mrs. Santa Claus with the giant gold glitter ball ornament

Gold Glitter 42″ Ball with Mrs. Claus

24″ Glitter Ball Ornament – 302450
  • $550
36″ Glitter Ball Ornament – 303650
  • $990
42″ Glitter Ball Ornament – 304250
  • $1320
84″ Glitter Ball Ornament – 308450
  • $3900
Light Gold Glitter ball ornament

Gold Glitter

Silver glitter ball ornament

Silver Glitter

Emerald Green Glitter Ball Ornament

Emerald Green Glitter

Lime Green Moss Green glitter ball ornament

Lime Green Glitter

Royal Blue glitter ball giant ornament

Royal Blue Glitter

Sky Blue light blue glitter ball ornament

Sky Blue Glitter

Bronze Glitter Ball ornament

Bronze Glitter

Copper Glitter ball ornament

Copper Glitter

Purple Glitter ball ornament

Purple Glitter

Magenta pink glitter ball ornament

Magenta Glitter

Giant 84" Glitter Balls ready for shipping

The 84″ Ornament Ships in Two Halves on a Pallet


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