Barrango Artwork - giant fiberglass carrot back drop props

Giant Carrots

Giant Carrots – Plant fiberglass Giant Carrots with silk green sprouting tops into your display!  Rabbits will go wild with these enormous veggies.  Available in different lengths, these giant crops will complement any Easter garden scene or even Farmer’s market booth!  Pair two full size carrots together to create a fun and exciting entrance or exit to see the Easter Bunny.

Our giant carrots are all made of durable fiberglass with a silk plant greenery on top.  These carrots are hollow and light weight enough for one person to move them into place and easily position into your Springtime display.  As we manufacture these giant carrots to order, you can specify a shade of orange or go for giant heirloom carrots in purple, yellow or white.

fiberglass whole giant carrot
Giant Whole Carrot – 336008
  • 96″ tall
  • $860
Giant Carrot Top – 336006
  • 72″ tall
  • $740
carrot tops with greenery
Large Carrot Top – 336005
  • 60″ tall
  • $615
fiberglass carrot nub top
Carrot Top – 336003
  • 36″ tall
  • $375
Easter rabbit tending to garden giant carrots and Easter egg archway
fiberglass carrot artwork giant carrot archway entrance exit
Carrot Archway – 336120
  • approx. 6′ wide x 10′ tall
  • $2600

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