Classical Old World Ornaments

Old World Ornaments

Old World Ornaments – These classic ornaments are fashioned after beautiful antiques and can be created in a variety of sizes to fit your vision.  Each has a painted finish and is made of unbreakable plastic.  Choose a painted or glitter finish.  Or you can select a metallic leaf finish in gold, silver or copper.  A California Chrome Holographic glitter finish is also available – add 30% to our painted price.

Available colors: red, green, blue, purple, magenta, gold, silver, copper, bronze, lime green and sky blue.

small jingle bells glittered finish
11″ Jingle Bell Ornament – 121190
  • 11″ diameter
  • Glitter    $100
  • Painted  $200
26in giant glitter and gold leafed jingle bells
26″ Jingle Bell Ornament – 122690
  • 26″ diameter
  • Glitter    $250
  • Painted  $500
Gold Glitter Star Ornament
24″ Star Ornament – 102490
  • Glitter    $50
  • Painted  $100

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Spiral Ornament
18″ Spiral Ornament – 141890
  • Glitter    $100
  • Painted  $150

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small 10 inch ball ornament
10″ Ball Ornament – 301090
  • 10″ diameter
  • Glitter    $100
  • Painted  $200

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