Manzanita Stars on electrified pole

Manzanita Stars

Manzanita Stars – Create a starry skyline to your Winter Wonderland with these hand crafted 3D manzanita stars.  Warm white LED mini lights are included with each and will add to the night sky effect.

small manzanita star
24″ Manzanita Star – 812444
  • LED lights included
  • White paint  $495
  • Other paint  $590
medium manzanita star
36″ Manzanita Star – 813644
  • LED lights included
  • White paint  $590
  • Other paint  $740
large manzanita star
48″ Manzanita Star – 814844
  • LED lights included
  • White paint  $860
  • Other paint  $1080
giant manzanita star
60″ Manzanita Star – 816044
  • LED lights included
  • White paint  $1350
  • Other paint  $1700
Base with 5 Electrified Poles
includes 1 of each length pole – 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′, & 7′
  • $620

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